The #WEDDDINGDRESSMUSTFIT Plan to Getting Slim for Your Wedding


If you have just a few months left before your wedding, you have plenty of time to get the perfect body for your special day. Imagine being slim, trim, and fit as you walk down the aisle, and looking radiant in the photos and videos you will treasure for the rest of your life.

Dresses start at $1000 and around 90% of dresses fall between $1,000-2,000. The average price is $1,350. The variable pricing is due to (1) material, i.e. amount of silk, and (2) amount of handwork/hand-sewing required, i.e. lace appliques, beading, sequins, custom embroidery, scalloping, etc. Your dress is a huge part of your special day.

During those last few months, there are several things you should focus on to make your body look and feel its best. You should eat healthy foods, get regular exercise, and treat yourself to a CoolSculpting Transformations session to effortlessly get rid of excess fat.

What to Eat in the Three Months Before Your Wedding

In the months leading up to your wedding, you want to treat your body to vibrant, healthy foods that will make you beautiful inside and out. Choose foods that are natural and wholesome, and avoid those that are processed and filled with chemicals or added sugar. Eat more green vegetables. Choose healthy grains like quinoa instead of white bread, white rice, or white pasta.

Be gentle with yourself. Don’t beat yourself up if you have a slice of cake or an ice cream cone. Just go back to making healthy choices for your next meal.

How to Exercise in the Three Months Before Your Wedding

Although you will be super busy in the months leading up to your wedding, make sure to keep up with your regular exercise routine, getting plenty of aerobic exercise and strength training. Both are necessary to keep your weight under control and to make you feel great physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Buddy with a bridesmaid.

Chances are good a bridesmaid or someone else in the wedding party (maybe your future mother-in-law?) wants to shed weight for the wedding, too. Partner with that person during workouts—the extra motivation will keep both of you moving when you think you can’t possibly crank out one more lunge.

Start making changes now that will help you lose weight for your wedding day. Best wishes!

Boost Your Fat Loss with CoolSculpting

Eating a healthy diet and doing enough exercise will go a long way towards making you feel and look wonderful. Unfortunately, though, even the best diet and exercise plans may not be enough by themselves to get rid of some stubborn areas of fat. For that, there is a great solution — a Transformations CoolSculpting fat reduction treatment. In just one hour, this safe, effective, and advanced non-surgical procedure will freeze away your unwanted fat cells. For best results, get your CoolSculpting treatment two to three months before your wedding.

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Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. While proper diet and exercise are key in achieving and maintaining a fit appearance, there are often areas of stubborn fat that you just can’t get rid of, no matter how much work you do. Sound familiar? With CoolSculpting, you can get rid of those stubborn areas for good.

CoolSculpting is a revolutionary treatment which uses targeted cooling to crystallize fat cells – these fat cells then die, and your body naturally processes them out, leaving you with a more toned, sculpted appearance. CoolSculpting is FDA approved for more areas of the body than any other fat-freezing treatment on the market.

Here are the top 5 reasons why  is a bride’s beauty secret weapon:

1. CoolSculpting gives you effective results without surgery. Real targeted fat reduction with no incisions, no anesthesia and no downtime.

2. CoolSculpting is safe. Over 3 million treatments have been performed with no significant adverse events.

3. CoolSculpting is less expensive than surgical alternatives like liposuction (based on price for single abdominal fat reduction).

4. CoolSculpting can be done on areas where lipo would not be desirable, like under the chin and on the inner thighs.

5. CoolSculpting can be repeated in 30 days for those extra-stubborn areas that may require more than one treatment.                                                                                                 

Weddings can be stressful – looking great in your dress doesn’t have to be


“Okay, after he popped the question, my immediate thoughts were that I HAVE to fit into my dress (LOL)! I’m sure getting in shape is top of mind for every bride-to-be, but when you have a super long engagement, staying fit just for that big day is very difficult. I received two sessions, and while I maintained my diet and workout regimen, I had finally seen some abs!! I highly recommend Cool Sculpting for anyone who has stubborn fat. It is ideal for someone who is within 20 lbs of their ideal weight. “

Mrs.,Gabrielle Joffie's Gets Fit for the Dress! By Black Bride Magazine



The non-invasive treatments most popular among brides-to-be:

Botox 14.8%
CoolSculpting 8.4%
Invisalign 8.0%
Juvederm 7.22%
Restylane 4.0%

*Based on percentage of total reviews that mention “wedding” or “getting married.”

Source: RealSelf Magazine 2018